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April 25, 2017

(Missoula, Montana)  Friday the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) denied the application for an emergency injunction filed by Green Party congressional candidate Thomas Breck of Missoula and Independent candidates Steve Kelly and Doug Campbell of Bozeman.  This action came after month-long efforts by these candidates to obtain ballot access through legal proceedings which they deemed necessary as a result of unconstitutional state ballot access laws.  

On April 8th a federal district court ruled that the law requiring independent and minor party candidates to collect signatures amounting to 5% of the voters for the same office in the last election was, in fact, unconstitutional.  It failed, however, to offer these candidates any relief in this matter.  Feeling it was their only recourse, these candidates appealed first to the Ninth Circuit Court, and then to the U.S. Supreme Court.

In response to Friday’s SCOTUS ruling, Montana Green Party candidate Thomas Breck stated “I am appalled that, despite the fact the law preventing my fellow plaintiffs and myself from receiving access to the ballot was ruled unconstitutional, the federal court system has repeatedly failed to rectify the injustice it posed.  It is the right of every American to vote for the candidate they feel best represents themselves and their ideals.  In this matter, both the Montana Secretary of State and the federal court system have failed to protect the rights of the citizens’ of the great state of Montana.”

He went on to state that “given our failure to meet the deadline to file for write-in candidacy it is my belief that Independent write-in candidate Doug Campbell is the best person to represent those Montanans who share the values I represent.  He is spot on in his belief that we must break the stranglehold of the corporate funded two party system of politics thats exist in this country today.  As such it is my pleasure to formally endorse his candidacy and strongly encourage our supporters to write in the name Doug Campbell when they cast their ballots on May 25th.”

Upon hearing this announcement, Doug Campbell made the following statement: “It is with with honor and humility that I accept the endorsement of Thomas Breck of the Montana Green Party.  Thomas has been a source of inspiration and integrity during our recent court proceedings.  It is a travesty that despite prevailing in that case, no relief was provided by the court to the affected candidates, and is particularly unjust to the highly mobilized and diligent members of the Green Party.  Our combined victory brings justice to future special elections for small party and independent candidates – improving candidate choice and ballot access for all Montanans.  Within the laudable and ambitious agenda of Thomas Breck and the Montana Green Party, I will fully support our shared and near term goals of eliminating corporate control and financial corruption in politics, protecting our environment for future generations, and respecting and defending the Constitutional and human rights of all Montanans. When we wrestle control of government from special interests and put that power back into the hands of individuals, we reduce the burden of government for everyday Montanans.  I am pleased to work towards these goals with the Montana Green Party, and gladly accept Mr. Breck’s endorsement.”

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