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We Stand For…

Grassroots democracy

  • Listening and responding to the people
    • Create a Native American advisory council. Listen to and learn from the wisdom of Montana’s 1st Nations
    • Mail-in ballots for every election
    • Polling places on every reservation and all other rural communities
  • Engage with and inspire left out voters, voter registration drives
    • Automatic voter registration
  • Campaign finance reform
    • Move to Amend Citizens United ruling

Ecological Wisdom

  • Stop the pipelines
    • Direct action initiatives
    • Standing with our water protectors and earth defenders across the nation
  • End fossil fuel subsidies
  • Subsidize sustainable industries
    • Solar farms in desert and high sun areas
    • Wind farms miles at sea to protect bird populations
    • Hemp- biofuel, construction materials, hempcrete, biodegradable plastics, medicine, food, paper, soil restoration

Economic & Social Justice

  • Voter equality
  • Rights of Indigenous 1st Nations
  • Criminal Justice Reform
    • End police brutality- citizen review board to oversee and investigate police activities, police must carry own liability insurance, wear body cameras, and no more “qualified immunity”
  • Rights of the LGBTIQ community
    • Marriage rights
    • Freedom to self identify
    • Expand anti-discrimination laws
  • Women’s Rights
    • Right to choose
    • Equal pay for equal work
  • Eliminate Poverty and Homelessness
    • Green New Deal, rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure
    • 15$ minimum wage
    • Single-payer (medicaid for all) health care
    • State funded childcare
    • Address food deserts (community gardens)
    • Expand and repay social security
    • Banking reform- no more mega banks, eliminate Federal Reserve
    • Fair (not free) Trade
  • Schools
    • Tuition free public universities and colleges
    • Rebuild and revamp America’s schools using the latest technology
    • Food Gardens at every school
    • Expanded music and arts
    • Self care education- mind, body, spirit
    • Expand civic education (K-12)


  • Stop interventionism around the world
    • End drone strikes
  • Cut military spending
  • Protect the rights of the Palestinian people  
  • Immigration
    • Ending the foreign wars which are creating refugees
    • Be a sanctuary nation
    • Path to Citizenship